Is it possible?
When you first heard of cash for clothes, did you heart yelped, ‘is it possible?’ We believe it must have happened because now you have realized the worth of something you never thought could be of any use. Those all dresses and clothes that you have been planning to give away are…

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Clothes for Xchange Opens More Collection Centres for Customer Convenience (via SBWire)

Innovative new venture, Cash for Clothes Xchange, helps people dispose off their old, used, and unwanted clothes and get handsome cash payments in return. Leeds, UK — (SBWIRE) — 08/27/2013 — Cash for Clothes Xchange has opened more stores/collecting…



Fantastic reenactment of E.T. flying in front of the moon

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Difference between the UK, Great Britain & the British Isles


Prior to Northern Ireland’s inclusion, the UK was titled “Great Britain”. When Northern Ireland was introduced, the title was changed to “United Kingdom” to mark its inclusion. However, the term “British Isles” includes Great Britain, Ireland (including Northern Ireland) and the 5,000 islands surrounding. This includes the Isle of Man, which has its own parliament and laws.